Does art have to be confined to walls and galleries? Why do we restrict the notion of art to ‘you can look, but don’t touch’? Why can’t we bring the art of living to life? These questions shaped the birth of ZayZay Living.

I saw my bed as the canvas – an invitation to bring more original expression into the bedroom. Why are so many duvet covers in the marketplace dull, boring and uninspiring? They don’t have to be. So I set out to create a new boutique brand that would reflect a charismatic, diverse, colourful and contemporary alternative for people who value imagination.

ZayZay abstract painting Baduvet above featured on duvet cover below

It literally came to me in a dream where I saw one of my paintings slide off the wall and onto my bed. Suddenly, it wasn’t enough anymore to just look at the art, I felt the desire to be wrapped in it, to surround myself, to be immersed in the vibrancy and brush strokes of colour. The sensation was exhilarating!

That dream haunted me and I was no longer satisfied with ordinary looking bed linen. I wanted a transformation – to convert my bed into my own personal exhibit, an 8’ by 8’ canvas, where I could indulge my love of colour and form. It would be like an installation that reflected my individuality – a place to make an expressive statement – something different, unique, appealing to my senses, and making me feel good to be alive. What drives my artistic mind? Being someone who likes to be creative and unique, I’m always interested in having what others don’t.

ZayZay abstract painting brush strokes of bright colours Madagascar design on detail of duvet cover

This set me on a mission. I literally searched every avenue I could find from small boutiques to major department stores and every online site imaginable. I was staggered by the conspicuous absence of premium quality bed linen available in colourful contemporary choices. I had hit the beige blight, at every turn a world of sameness when it came to bed décor. In the land of luxury linens so many brands are indistinguishable – off the shelf, neutral palettes of blandness or predictable patterns. In short, uninspiring.

I knew I could fill that gap and apply my art and design creativity to produce an exciting and radically different collection of duvet covers. My vision was to feature neoteric limited edition artwork reflecting a fusion of cultures and unique perspectives through the lens of the artist.

ZayZay painting Madagascar duvet cover bright colours on bed

Title: Madagascar

From my experience colour and form transcend language, I know it can summon one’s emotions and imagination in ways where words fall short. Art can profoundly influence our state of mind. It can interrupt those negative thoughts that can intrude on our lives. My art applied to the bed would be like entering a painting and escaping into a more cerebral world. I believe the eye is the window to your mind, your mind is the path to your soul. It matters what enters the eye. If it’s all colourless, then our souls are left emptier.

How much thought is given to this everyday place, the bed, the very epicenter of our home – where we reflect, dream and sleep? Doesn’t it deserve greater attention? Many people follow the dictates of trends in their bed décor which are based on what is available in the marketplace. I think our individuality is precisely what shapes our identity. The challenge is striving to protect our distinctiveness in a world that’s increasingly about mass production. The appeal of limited edition art is in its rarity, knowing it isn’t part of an assembly line of look-alikes. Personally, I think a degree of exclusivity is an affirmation of our pleasure and the pride in being unique. In response to those people who recognize they desire something different, would the bed be the setting for the next art movement?

ZayZay painting African Sunset on wall with duvet cover design on bed

Title: African Sunset

These are the questions that helped to determine the direction for ZayZay Living. Limited editions of the artwork would ensure every collection was special and exclusive. Superb quality in fabric and craftsmanship was an imperative. We went to extraordinary lengths to achieve the subtle hues, the saturated colour and overall authenticity to the original paintings, not possible with mass production. To achieve the exquisite level of vibrancy in the colour required the best quality cotton for reproduction. We also made sure it was the softest, finest cotton in the world – Giza Egyptian cotton – for the most luxurious sleep experience possible.

My bed has become my oasis, a journey, a respite. It is in this place of infinite possibilities that I allow my mind to drift into a mystical and magical seduction of colours and textures. These paintings have given me the freedom to lose myself – to turn off the treadmill of endless thoughts that follow one into the bedroom.

ZayZay Tropical Frost painting on duvet cover in sunny bedroom

Title: Tropical Frost on a North-facing Window

The beauty of art is escaping the ordinary. The paintings transformed my bed and became the portal to my imagination. To be enveloped in the folds of this art was as captivating and alluring as gazing at them. The positive shift in my mood was evident immediately. Art has a profound ability to release endorphins. It’s these ‘feel good‘ hormones that are activated. They are good for your health and heighten one’s cognitive skills.

I have experienced a palpable difference in my daily life. My creativity is soaring in ways never imagined. I no longer go to bed just to sleep; this place has become my haven, the colours mesmerizing, I find the stresses of my day diminish and I feel more positive. With sleeping more deeply, I wake up inspired. My senses and energy have been revived in this remarkable renaissance of my bed.

ZayZay painting Paradisus duvet cover turquoise on bed
Pink flower three stones turquoise background and soft blue seashell

Title: Paradisus

Feel the warm breeze as it caresses your face while you gaze into the eternal horizon, where the sky meets the ocean – a line where they become one. The intoxicating turquoise hues seduce the senses and carry you into a state of blissful delerium. This is your sanctuary. Your escape.

Soft daylight entering through white window arches
ZayZay duvet cover Saffron Shangrilahh design purple on bed gray brick wooden windows room
Two Indian men playing instruments against orange pink sunset in the distance

Title: Saffron Shangri-lahh

This duvet cover embodies memories of the ancient Silk Road, the caravan of exotic spices, aromatic perfumes and bales of opulent silks captured in the rich colours and textures of this design. Your dreams await you.

Young woman drinking tea on balcony wrapped in ZayZay orange duvet cover against gray woods background
ZayZay abstract painting on duvet cover detail of Brambles design

Title: Through Brambles on the Moon, I Saw George Méliès and Waved

Combining superb quality luxury bed linen with vibrant and exotic designs is what sets ZayZay Living apart from any other brand. This unique collection is your opportunity to express your individuality, to revive that spirit of adventure. Your bed is the canvas. Your oasis. Your most intimate comfort zone. Has it been neglected for far too long?

Time to make your bed … the next art movement!

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