The first time you set eyes on a ZayZay design, it demands attention, it’s out of the ordinary, it draws you in. When you touch the exquisite fabric, the softness, the caress on your skin, the quality is evident. After the first night, the comfort and pleasure of sleeping in those sheets makes it clear you cannot go back to anything less.

Our designs are created to inspire, to shift a mood, to transform a room. The beauty of our vibrant colours and textures is that it not only transforms a space – your bed, but also your mood and spirit. A boost of colour is capable of shifting your patterns of thinking, removing the stresses of your day, placing you into a more positive frame of mind.

To achieve that vibrancy of colour in our duvet covers, we knew we had to use Giza Egyptian cotton for our collection. Due to the extraordinary quality of this cotton, it holds colour exceptionally well – in other words, it’s colourfast. Unlike synthetics and lesser quality cotton, we are proud to say our linen is free of harmful chemicals and additives. Not only is it a fun alternative, but it’s also a healthier option


The quality of your sleep is vital to your health in every way. It’s the reason we have given so much focus on this subject in our blog. In addition, you will find a variety of related topics from intensely informative features to fun and amusing anecdotes. We invite you to sample some of our posts to learn more. Enjoy! .