Behind closed doors, lies an oasis of your own making. What is your bedroom but a manifestation of your most private thoughts, feelings, and desires? Only those invited in may cross its threshold. Here, reality weaves with fantasy and empowers you to play, dream and explore… You can tango till sunrise, ride a magic carpet through Morocco, or linger in a red hot kiss…

Sunlight through window with cushions play dream explore

At times it’s a tranquil space, where you shut out distractions and allow for quiet reflection and renewal. Other moments, it may be energetic, fiery and passion fueled… Possibilities are boundless in this judgement free corner of the world.

When it comes to designing your imagination gallery… your bedroom… have fun. Think of it as an exercise in self-love and artistic expression, allow it to mirror your essence. While its function ebbs and flows, your bedroom sets the scene to nurture your body, mind and spirit.

Children’s rooms are painted in brightly colored pigments and adorned with whimsical murals. Naturally, such an environment stimulates the imagination and positive energy. In many ways, adults need this sort of creative inspiration even more, since life is layered with whirling distractions and responsibilities… it can be challenging to find your center amidst the on-going noise; the moment to moment disconnect makes it tricky to listen to your intuition and innate wisdom.

Although, in the right setting, layers of stress melt away. And inner clarity has a chance to take shape… So take a lesson from young minds, don’t shy away from vibrant shades and art. Give yourself the gift of color in all its visceral glory.

When choosing your palette, consider where the placement of light and shadow falls, as it relates to each hue. What surrounds a specific color, the proportions, the context, the season… all are factors that influence perception. Find an easy balance. Concentrations of pigment set against a neutral background will effortlessly showcase objects of your choosing.

Words your bedroom nurtures body mind and spirit

And since the bedroom is constantly shape-shifting, it doesn’t make sense to keep it static. Let the room flow… Every so often, reinvent your color palette… and give your room new vitality, its own unique look. Just as you wouldn’t wear the same shirt each day, or always have oatmeal for breakfast, it’s exciting to sample exotic dishes, and change your clothing style. Likewise, mix up the visuals you surround yourself with. Drench your senses in a bath of luminous color. Dare to add a vibrant splash of crimson, teal, or even a multicolored waterfall!

How will you illustrate your world? Lush orange… Romantic magenta… Magical indigo… Within each hue, there are infinite shades, dancing off of one another, like atoms. So use color consciously. Take time to look within…. Discover which shades make you swoon. Don’t just dip your toe in a pool of color, allow yourself to become fully immersed! Notice the sensory response each pigment awakens… Be flexible about your choices. Test out unusual colors you may have not previously considered. Pair them in exciting ways. There’s no way to do this wrong. Remember, you are all ready in a safe space… Step out of the ordinary. And embrace your adventurous spirit.

Written by Danielle Winston