What is it about attending a wedding that makes virtually every one of us feel a rush of happiness and pure joy? Seeing two people so in love on the brink of a new life together, it is filled with promise and optimism and a giddy excitement of what’s to come.

What is this love? Where does it come from? Why do all of us regardless of gender, age or culture feel it is so central to how it shapes our existence? I can’t readily answer these questions, but without love, our lives are emptier and our souls are dampened.

What I do know though, is that love is not exclusive to marriage. Love exists within families, between friends, between lovers, with our pets and it can also be for the world we live in.

ZayZay Living inspiration wedding cake with flower icing detail

For me, love is at the core of everything I do. I believe in the power of love utterly and completely. Expressions of love is what makes human beings so remarkable – we hear it in music, see it in the arts, read it in books, taste it in our food, experience it in monuments or places of worship and especially in our homes.

ZayZay Living luxury linen untouched snow duvet cover in bright bedroom
ZayZay Living luxury linen Love Song duvet cover typography design in bedroom with black wall

As a tribute to love, I have created a series of designs for ZayZay Living’s collection of luxury linen to embody the feeling that is evoked when the surge of love surrounds you. Just like a vine, our emotions of love are entwined and flourish in the rapture of the precious moments.

ZayZay Living penguin love duvet cover top view

If you’re looking for a memorable gift, one that stands out from all the rest, then ZayZay Living’s seductively soft, luxury linen is the perfect answer. Made from the finest Giza Egyptian cotton, this collection is 5-star hotel calibre. A gift to be treasured for a lifetime with enduring quality and lasting enjoyment.

After you sleep with ZayZay, there’s no going back to less.

We invite you to browse our full collection of unique and vibrant designs in an array of choices.

ZayZay Living so easy to love duvet cover design top view