We don’t want to scare you, but did you know that the presence of toxic chemicals in the textile industry is largely unregulated? With reference to bed linen, many manufacturers use softeners, whiteners, petroleum-based inks, and even formaldehyde, which is employed to keep sheets ‘wrinkle free’. We think it’s fair to say that many of us would live with a few wrinkles any day in exchange for the peace of mind knowing we’re not wrapping ourselves in a toxic chemical for hours on end while we sleep!


Fully 98% of cotton is machine harvested – taking the bracts, stems, and dirt along with the cotton.  After the harvest, harsh chemicals and fibre-damaging equipment are used to defoliate the cotton plant and clean out the debris.

Cheaper grades of cotton require chemicals to mimic the properties of a long staple fibre or premium-quality grades of cotton like ours – especially for softness, smoothness, and colourfastness. Only deceptive softening agents and whiteners will bring this inferior quality of cotton to a semblance of its original form. The effects, however, are short-lived. You will find that despite the heavy processing this cotton endures, the initial “benefits” will disappear rapidly after a few washes.


In contrast, ZayZay’s 100% Giza Egyptian cotton requires no chemical additives in its processing, it is naturally soft, naturally durable, and naturally colourfast, which is why it is astonishingly soothing to the touch. We believe that sustainability of the planet and treating people fairly are top priorities for everyone, and we conduct business accordingly. And as it turns out, sustainable practices just so happen to also produce extremely well-performing fabric! Our particular variety of long-staple cotton is naturally soft due to its extraordinarily smooth fibres, so there is never any need to use softening agents in the first place!


In fact, our sheets are so soothing that we recently heard from a client whose daughter wraps herself in our linen to soothe her inflamed skin! She suffers from eczema, which causes a painful rash, and our fabric settles down her inflammation within a short period of time. Her sleep has improved as a consequence. We couldn’t be more thrilled. We love that our sheets not only don’t compromise your health in any way, but they can actively help it too! With all the toxic pollution in our world, it’s so important to be able to trust the fabric you sleep in at night.


But what about the colourful designs? We’re glad you asked. In the printing process, we use only eco-friendly water-based inks for our bed linen that stay colourfast wash after wash! All of our inks are completely non-toxic which means absolutely nothing is touching your skin but the softest, finest 100% Egyptian cotton. Rest peacefully knowing Zay Zay bed linen is free of toxic agents and is certified safe, even for infants.


Your skin is your body’s largest organ. Be aware of what you wrap it in for the one-third of your life that you spend sleeping! We want to be your partner in the healthiest sleep imaginable. And that starts with being the opposite of toxic.