In our homes, we host and dine and sip and dance with our family and friends. We welcome others in all the time. A warm home always has its doors open. A happy home is a full house.

In our offices, we strategize and plan and write and persuade our clients and colleagues. The office is a flurry of activity, people moving in and out through the door busily. A good thing, because a bustling office is a profitable one.


The bedroom is different. It is the place to retreat to, where we can close the doors to the noise outside and find quiet. It is where work ends and dreams begin. The bed itself is our ultimate place of refuge. Under the covers, everything is alright, everything is peaceful. The bed is sacred; it is ours. It is the most intimate part of our world, where the most intimate stories are created and shared. It is private. It is a place no one can enter unless you tell them to.

The bed is by invitation only. To share the intimacy, the loneliness, the sensuality, the love, and the vulnerability of this space, you must be invited.

To our bed, we invite lovers, life partners, children, best friends. We make love, we make up, we cry, we cuddle. We share the most intimate moments of our lives in this space.

Today, ZayZay invites you to our bed. We bring you into our world of secrets, inspirations, and fantasies. We invite you to see what ZayZay is all about.

Come on in. We’ve turned down the sheets for you.