What are the roots of inspiration? Often, a compilation of memories extracted from one’s subconscious, a configuration of experiences and then reconfigured by the imagination.

In 1917 psychoanalyst Hermann Rorschach, from Zurich, Switzerland, created his controversial inkblot tests to analyze peoples’ fantasies and measure social behaviour. His experiments started by splattering paint on cards to study how the mind works. Asking people what they saw, he observed and theorized that how someone processes visual imagery can reveal the inner workings of the mind. There are no wrong answers.


This is a test. Do not adjust your screen. If you stare closely into this duvet cover you will see everything you have ever seen in your life, except that one time you lost your keys and you still haven’t recovered them (they’re under the fridge).

There is an art to all things, particularly living. It all depends on your interpretation. Do you see a bird? A tree? A mobile device (it’s the 21st century after all) or perhaps the lost love of your life? An art to living is dependent on your interpretation. Is finding yours the reason you are here (or we are here)? What is conjured here? The image, or the imagination?

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