ZayZay luxury linen is a fusion of the finest Egyptian cotton with vibrant artistic expression. Created to soothe the body & touch your soul, made to transform your bedroom effortlessly!


Looking to Add Flair to Your Bedroom?

Are you wondering what colours will be trending in home decor and design for 2019? According to the international Pantone Color Institute who are renowned for predicting trends in colour, they are forecasting the palette of 2019 will be ‘dynamic and vibrant’. Radiant colour will be abundant featuring 72 rich colors in eight different color palettes.

From hues tempting the eye with ‘spicy reds, sweet flamingo orange and rich purples’ to an ‘I can do this, let’s make a change’ attitude reflected in electric tones like lime green, citrus orange, and bright yellow, the report highlights a ‘joyful juxtaposition of colour that transcends seasonality’.

People often shy away from bold colours in their homes, and are reluctant to venture into colour. Perhaps they’re intimidated by it, as much out of habit as anything else. A good analogy is the ‘meat and potatoes’ syndrome, a steady diet of the same. We like to compare it to cuisines of the world, in that people now have an appetite for spicier, hotter foods, a greater variety for their dining and cooking pleasure. Not so long ago, the choices were a lot more bland.

An injection of colour, an expressive brush stroke, can shift a mood, allow you to drift, to daydream, to de-stress. Yes, vivid colours have been proven to be exceptionally therapeutic in slowing the barrage of thoughts that keep you up at night. Colour and design have the power to restore energy and uplift the spirit.

ZayZay appeals to those who value individuality, who want to express the joy of living in a relaxed and informal way. Our limited edition duvet covers are created so you can effortlessly transform your bed – no accessorizing required. No dozen of cushions! No throws! No fuss! To have options, switch ZayZay linens with the seasons or celebrate an occasion and dress for romance in the most seductive way. Simply have fun. This is luxury linen designed to look as good when the bed is made as when it’s not.

Express your individuality, rejuvenate your inner being through designs you simply cannot find anywhere else. ZayZay dares to overthrow the tyranny of listless bedroom decor so you can liberate yourself from uninspired “comfort zones” that have never reflected you or your dreams.

What makes Giza Egyptian cotton bed linen so exceptional and rare?

Of all the cotton cultivated around the world, less than 1% is 100% certified Giza Egyptian cotton, making this luxurious fabric so highly prized. Truly one of nature’s rarest treasures. It’s the cream of the crop. This superior cotton grows in the perfect climate of the fertile Nile delta, known for having just the right balance of sunlight, moisture, and nutrient-rich soil. From these optimal conditions grow unsurpassed cotton plants.

Our Giza Egyptian cotton is the finest, longest-staple of all cottons. This makes it seductively soft and durable. Our cotton is hand-picked which guarantees the highest levels of purity. Hand-picking means it does not require any chemical additives in its production. That’s right. Zero. These long fibres are durable, naturally soft and white. No bleach necessary. No softening agents. No formaldehyde. Hand-picked cotton means just the cotton is harvested. There are no intermediary steps before the fibres are spun.

Conversely, before machine-harvested cotton fibres are spun and woven, they’ve already been damaged, bleached, and chemically processed. Ask yourself if you want to sleep on anything that’s been plucked free of seeds by a circular saw. You can Google that. In fact, we encourage you.

A further measure of the quality of our custom-woven percale fabric is its superior wicking properties (breathability). This provides a deeper quality sleep, ultimately, better health.


ZayZay Living reflects a fusion of cultures. The founder / designer / artist, Sharon Lockwood, was born in Johannesburg, raised & educated in London, England, now living and working in Toronto. Her African, European and Indian heritage have contributed to her sensibilities and skills as a designer and enriched her repertoire of sources to draw from with authenticity. The love of typography, of words, of colour, of texture finds expression through ZayZay Living.

Behind each design is a story, many created from her own paintings, inspired by an emotion, an experience, a place or moment. With or without knowing the story, ZayZay luxury linens are intended to be interpreted through your lens, in the way you want. Your bedroom, the light, the season will each cast a different dimension to the colours, making it your own personal experience. It makes you attentive to the shifting light in the course of a day. The beauty of the fabric within each fold. It makes you pause.



Because we use only 100% certified Giza Egyptian cotton, no softening agents or toxic chemical additives are needed, or used, in the production of any ZayZay bed linen. As a result, our bedding is both kinder to your skin and gentler on the planet.

What’s the point of creating vibrant artful designs only to see that colour wash down the drain and “grey out” in the dryer? After all our painstaking work to create the best quality cotton and adhere to the highest environmental and fair-trade practices, would ‘colourfastness’ be our undoing? As it happens, not at all!

Three bright artistic duvet covers ZayZay designs dancing in air

Our duvet covers are completely colourfast, a term that simply means a fabric’s ability to maintain its colour even when exposed to light, perspiration, washing, drying and friction.

Unlike other brands, the natural colourfast properties of ZayZay fabric does not depend on chemicals or harsh additives. Egyptian cotton like ours is renowned for lasting colour retention and gets softer and softer after each wash. It is this characteristic and a remarkable level of durability that sets Giza Egyptian cotton apart from other fabrics.

Reconnect with that overlooked but essential one-third of your life by treating yourself to the vibrant tones that boost your spirits, whisper to your soul in luxurious fabrics that long to encompass you while you sleep (or play).

ZayZay Living is about healthier life choices – from soothing your soul, being kinder to your skin and the planet, too. In this faster-than-ever paced world – with more distractions than any of us could have imagined – calming the circuits, winding down, retreating to your sanctuary, is a necessary escape. Your bed has never been more vital to your health and well-being than now.

We want you to sleep and dream with ZayZay, to wake up refreshed and inspired!

Make it extraordinary. Make it ZayZay.