Does art have to be confined to walls and galleries? Why do we restrict the notion of art to ‘you can look, but don’t touch’? Why can’t we bring the art of living to life?

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What if your bed is the canvas – and becomes a portal to your imagination? This overlooked space is too often the centre of dull boring and uninspiring colour palettes. It doesn’t have to be.

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Combining superb quality luxury bed linen with vibrant and artistic designs is what sets ZayZay Living apart from any other brand. This unique limited edition collection is an invitation to express your individuality, to ignite that spirit of adventure, to live your bohemian dream and step into the world of the avant-garde.

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Off the Wall – art for your bed

As a designer and an artist, I envisioned my paintings coming to life in an entirely different way – that is, not to be exclusively hung on walls, but using my bed as the canvas as well – to be wrapped, surrounded and immersed in the vibrancy and brush strokes of colour. Literally, an invitation to bring more original expression into the bedroom.

This is why I set out to create a boutique brand that would reflect a charismatic, diverse, colourful and contemporary alternative for people who don’t follow the dictates of trends, who consider art as an enhancement to everyday living, not just an occasional visit to an art gallery. The appeal of limited edition art is in its rarity, knowing it isn’t part of an assembly line of look-alikes. I think a degree of exclusivity is an affirmation of our pleasure and the pride in being unique.

ZayZay Living art movement ballerina leg under duvet cover design So Jess featuring pink brushstrokes

From my experience colour and form transcends language, it summons one’s emotions and imagination in ways where words fall short. Art can profoundly influence our state of mind. It can interrupt those negative thoughts that at times intrude on our lives. My art applied to the bed would be like entering a painting and escaping into a more uplifting state. I believe the eye is the window to your mind, your mind is the path to your soul. It matters what enters the eye. If it’s all colourless, then our souls are left emptier.

This infusion of colour, textures and form in this radically different collection of duvet covers has set my creativity soaring in ways never imagined. Our custom woven Giza Egyptian cotton is the finest and softest long-staple of all the cottons in the world. Sleeping more deeply, I wake up inspired. My senses and energy have been revived in this remarkable renaissance of my bed.

ZayZay Living duvet cover design Madagascar featuring multicolour brushstrokes on bed in bright room

To those people who recognize their desire for something different combined with exceptional quality, is it time to make your bed the setting for the next art movement?

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ZayZay Living art movement So Jess duvet cover pink brushstrokes in sunny bedroom

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