One of the motivations for creating ZayZay was the conspicuous absence of contemporary, vibrant, colourful bed linen. We are an alternative in a market saturated with neutral hues and patterns.

Often people shy away from bold colours in their homes, and are reluctant to venture into colour. Perhaps they’re intimidated by it, as much out of habit as anything else. A good analogy is the ‘meat and potatoes’ syndrome, a steady diet of the same. We like to compare it to cuisines of the world, in that people now have an appetite for spicier, hotter foods, a greater variety for their dining and cooking pleasure. Not so long ago, the choices were a lot more bland.


We are offering a more exotic diet to the bedroom routine. We recognize people are intimidated by exuberant colour. Why? Because they fear exploring. It isn’t so mysterious – we invite a spirit of playfulness and an opportunity for you to express your individuality. ZayZay is a licence to be free.