Did you know that a boost of colour is capable of shifting your patterns of thinking, removing the stresses of your day placing you into a more positive frame of mind? Add premium quality Giza Egyptian cotton to the mix, and you have bed linen that will not only feel incredible against your skin, but will also provide a much more restful sleep. After sleeping with ZayZay luxury linen, there is no going back to less. In fact, you may find it hard to leave your bed.

ZayZay Living is the alternative to neutral zones of blandness. It’s time to celebrate the art of living.


Why is ZayZay Luxury Linen Such a Premium Quality Product?

Our bed linen is made from 100% certified Giza Egyptian cotton, the finest cotton in the world. It’s nature’s cream of the crop. Of all the cottons produced in the world, less than 1% is Giza Egyptian cotton. This is what makes this exceptional cotton so rare.

You might ask why is it so exceptional? It begins with the unique climate conditions stretching across the Nile delta offering just the right balance of sunlight, moisture, and nutrient-rich soil. This ideal combination produces cotton plants of the highest calibre with extra-long fibres, commonly known as ‘extra-long staple’. The longer the fibre, the better the quality of fabric. Extra-long staple are softer, finer, silkier and more durable compared to the more common short-staple cotton fabrics, which are prone to breakage and pilling.

Quality and Ranking of Cotton Varieties

Three bright artistic duvet covers ZayZay designs dancing in air

ZayZay luxury linen, made from 100% certified Giza Egyptian cotton, ethically sourced and free of toxic chemicals.