Congratulations goes to Angela Chalmers as the winner of our contest for the poem she submitted. Thank you to all those who sent in their sonnets, poems, and sentiments about our ZayZay collection. We had a wonderful response and really appreciate everyone who participated. It was a challenge choosing the winner. We would like to make a special shoutout to Adina Borenstein for her colourful rhyming entry.

Our prize winner will receive a set of limited edition, vibrant ZayZay luxury linen of choice to transform her bedroom, perfect timing for spring renewal.

Now we’re wondering … will this be the end of her sleepovers? Here is the winning entry:

I have a little (confession)

by Angela Chalmers

You can tell a lot about a man by
The shoes he wears, if the kitchen is neat
How often he calls his mother
(By the thread count of his sheet)

Well, mine treats me like a queen
True love he is always pledging
I would give you the moon, he says
(I really just want his bedding)

We always stay at his place
He believes I’m really smitten
And willing to accommodate
(it’s really just about his linen)

Let’s go up and cuddle, I whisper
We can laugh and lay on the bed
No my darling keep the lights on
(I adore the design on the spread)

Sometimes we like to play games
Tonight we are in a nunnery
He pins me down, I scream “Oh!”
(These sheets are simply luxury)

I rise and move, wearing only the duvet
“Graphic” he touches my leg, entranced
“And limited edition too” I wink
(Oh, was he referring to my dance?)

He is on top of me now and
Makes me his putty with a tickle
I wiggle and I giggle and I…
(Would you call this duvet colour nickel?)

I come to climax and call out
He smiles when he hears “Yah Jay!”
My face is buried in the pillow case
(I actually yelled ZayZay)

In the morning, he’s up early
A few more minutes, I mumble
I wrap myself in the covers
(Ahh, a soft cotton crumble)

I have a little (confession)
No doubt between us there is heat
I really do like my boyfriend
(But I truly love his sheets)