It’s no secret, we like shiny things. Remember the folklore about magpies stealing shiny trinkets? Well, Exeter University debunked that myth in 2014 ( and I’m here today to tell you just who the guilty party was: ZayZay Living. So next time your shiny tidbits take a walk, look no further than our reception’s curio cabinet ripe with tinsel, satin ribbons, and those glassy mosaic tiles you thought you’d put on your powder room vanity (you would have regretted it. Grout is unforgiving.).

There’s one thing, though, that we don’t like “shiny”: our bed linen. No, we’re not talking about satin (that’s another blog for another day); we’re talking about weave.

There is more than one way to weave a fabric.  Two of the most common are ‘percale’ and ‘sateen’. While one is not intrinsically better than the other in general, when it comes to your bed linens, how the threads are woven is crucial to your good night’s sleep.


Sateen, as the name suggests, has a satiny smooth finish and in fact it uses the same weave satin uses (allowing a “lustrous” face which means the threads are 4:1 on one side). It does not absorb moisture as well as a percale weave, and is less durable due to its having more thread surface exposed in its one-under-four over-weave). In fact, a sateen weave can inhibit a better night’s sleep by trapping in heat. Sateen has many wonderful uses such as robes or something requiring a smooth drape, but its best use is not likely your bed linen.

Percale is a plain-weave fabric with an even number of threads woven over and under which makes it more durable than the sateen-weave alternative. Percale has a matte finish with a look of sophisticated elegance, a fine texture, and it is gentle against your skin.

While the choice of sateen vs percale is a personal one, for ZayZay the winner hands-down was percale. In fact, we’ve had it tailor-made to our specifications – custom woven for optimum performance. We like its durability, as well as its breathing and wicking properties. While some may enjoy slip-sliding away on their sateen, we think providing a quality sleep is a better goal for your luxury linen.