What’s the point of creating vibrant, artful designs only to see that colour wash down the drain and ‘grey out’ in the dryer? After all our painstaking work to research the best quality cotton and adhere to the highest environmental and fair-trade practices, would ‘colourfastness’ be our undoing? As it happens, not at all!

Our duvet covers are completely colourfast, a term that simply means a fabric’s ability to maintain its colour even when exposed to light, perspiration, washing, drying, and friction. This term was coined by industry manufacturers back in 1916, when they began to create guidelines and standards for the longevity of colour in textiles. We’re proud to tell you that not only did we score the highest on the industry standards test, but we exceeded expectations, with our bright colours remaining intact after 200 wash and dry cycles! This vigorous testing was exhausting because we had to do it ourselves, but we’re proud to say that these designs held up after the equivalent of 10 years of washing!


The calibre of our Giza Egyptian cotton is the reason why no chemicals or fixatives  are required or used to make it colourfast. Unlike other brands, the natural colourfast properties of ZayZay fabric do not depend on chemicals or harsh additives. Egyptian cotton like ours is renowned for lasting colour retention and our premium water-based inks help the process too!

Then when you factor in our state-of-the-art digital printing process, it seems we’ve hit on the perfect combination to create designs that last.


It’s the original artwork that makes these duvet cover unique and extraordinary, so making sure those designs stay vibrant was a top priority. We’re so thrilled that we were able to make the colourfast standards to provide peace of mind for our customers. Who says you need chemicals to be colourfast?

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