We were determined. Very determined. Unrelenting, actually.

We were determined to produce our exquisite luxury linens, start-to-finish, ethically, responsibly, safely. With this in mind, we made a conscious decision to apply the most environmentally sound initiatives in all steps of the production of ZayZay luxury linen. From raw materials to packaging, our focus was on delivering a product that allowed you (and us) to sleep beautifully.


The textile industry is inconsistently regulated from country-to-country, even state-to-state. Despite being faced with the prevalence of manufacturers operating with questionable methods (but within the regulations of their region), we never once wavered in our determination to find industry partners who shared our stringent values. All our products are Oeko-Tex- and Apcer-certified. Each of our partners abides by the highest international standards throughout the production process both in relation to environmental integrity and ethical labour practices. These accredited certifications exceed North American standards.


Our partner in Portugal, for example, is a long established, family-run business that produces superb quality textiles and shows enormous pride in what they do. They have the certifications to validate their adherence to these international standards. Their legacy in textiles goes back centuries, and now combined with state-of-the-art technology in eco-friendly digital printing and water-based inks, they give us enormous confidence in their ability to produce our world-class luxury linen.


Our textile mill in Portugal exemplifies exceptional craftsmanship and obsessive attention to detail in developing our custom woven fabric all the way to the finished product. This is a relationship we have come to value immensely.


We didn’t stop at the luxurious cotton though. Our zippers not only are the best the industry has to offer, but the Japanese manufacturer, YKK, also adheres to the same strict environment and labour ethics.

We think the company you keep speaks volumes. And if our partners don’t reflect our own integrity at all stages of production, then quite simply, they aren’t the company we keep.