Do you remember your last impulse buy? You might not because it just wasn’t that memorable. The problem with impulse buys is that they’re either mindless acts  or you tell yourself the price point was low enough for the amusement or fleeting joy that product brought you.

Then what? That product is landfill. And likely not biodegradable, at that.

We’re all familiar with our consumerist habits. Advancements in manufacturing technology and product availability make it easier than ever to consume – and replace – more products than we could ever use – or need. In defiance of this current lifestyle trend, our ZayZay corporate philosophy focuses on conscious or mindful consumption.


Our bed linen is specifically designed to be durable while being manufactured from sustainable resources. We’ve also focused on creating designs that speak more deeply to the heart than some passing trend. Our company philosophy is not structured on creating products with a short shelf life. Our linens have been designed and manufactured to last a lifetime.

Balancing personal satisfaction with sustainable living, acting responsibly and ethically, are values that ZayZay shares with the growing conscious consumption movement.

Conscious commerce has steered all our decisions: from where we source our raw materials to how our bed linen is made; from ensuring that our products are free of toxic agents, with a low carbon footprint, to choosing like-minded companies with ethical working conditions; from the manufacturing process to the customer’s experience long after the sale — for the entire lifespan of our product.

Just as you are what you eat, you are what you consume. Those fleeting pleasures, disposable or shoddy products? They don’t say who you are. As mindless consumption spirals out of control, now more than ever is your time to indulge in conscious consumption.


We believe you get what you pay for; and that the outrageous environmental and social price for ongoing disposable consumption is neatly hidden by the mirage of “great deals.” Craftsmanship, integrity, and quality set ZayZay apart. Our linens are of heirloom quality, to be enjoyed today and a lifetime of tomorrows.

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by Tracey Gee